About Me

Do you want to have the best real estate experience? Then, Debby is what you need by your side. She does everything she can to ensure her clients are happy and satisfied with the results. She will be available for you whether you want to buy or sell a home.

Who am I?

Hi. My name is Debby Dreyer Gabbai and I work as a real estate agent. I am committed to helping my clients and work the hardest way possible to ensure that my clients get 100% satisfaction.


I have invested my time, effort, and everything in real estate for the past 30 years. I am driven to always work hard for my clients and complete a transaction with great success.

How Am I Going to Help You?

I guarantee that I will find the perfect person on the other side, whether you are looking for a buyer or seller of a property. I have all the necessary resources, connections, and skills to provide the best possible deal for you.

Never compromise; always go with the best agent in the field. I am here as your best partner in achieving your goals. Together, let’s succeed!

Why work with me?

Personal Relationship

I’m here for you. I’ll be with you side by side throughout the entire process. Every question you have or every concern you might be experiencing, I will be there to resolve.


My Clients, COME FIRST

I’m here to make you feel great about your choices and won’t stop working until you are satisfied.


Opportunities come to those who are prepared. Professional agents are an asset in this field.


the real estate world can be very complicated. If you’re about to buy/sell/lease, you’re going to want someone to guide you. With the insights I have gained over the years, I will be your trusted advisor.

How am I going to help you?

Whether you’re seeking to buy an asset or sell, I will find the right person on the other side. I have all the right connections to provide the best deal for you.

Go with the best in the field, don’t compromise. Debby Dreyer
Gabbai – Your partner for success.