Duplex for Sale In Brooklyn Heights

Nowadays, many invest in buying a duplex. It is a residential property having two separate entrances and two units. The units have shared walls or are built on top of each other, with a unit on every floor. Usually, there’s a shared back and front yard and driveway. Are you searching for a duplex for sale in Brooklyn Heights? This article will guide you.    


Duplex for sale in Brooklyn Heights – Everything you need to know

There are many duplexes for sale in Brooklyn Heights, so you should be careful in choosing the property that perfectly suits your taste. Worry no more because we will help you with this matter. You need to consider the following things for your duplex project.



One essential factor if you will buy a duplex is the location. Does the duplex location come with nearby shopping malls, schools, and other amenities that suit your lifestyle? Make sure that the property area can also meet your budget and home living expectations.


Check the utilities

Naturally, you always want to enjoy a more convenient living in your duplex. With that, you should check the setup of the home’s utilities. Are natural gas, water, electricity, and trash metered together or separately?


Noise transfer between the units

It can be quite annoying if you hear too much noise in your duplex. So, before you buy the property, consider the noise transfer between the units. Check how much you can hear what’s in the other unit through the walls or floor. You need to investigate, especially if you want to have a more peaceful living.

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It is an advantage if you prefer a duplex wherein each unit has its own laundry. Does the duplex have a shared dryer and washer in the basement?



Check if the duplex has a single or double garage. You can also look for a property that allows street parking. With that, you can conveniently park your vehicle.


Needed repairs

You should also check the needed repairs on the duplex you want to purchase. You can seek help from a contractor on what repairs are necessary for the property. With this, you can save more of your budget.



Duplex properties are available at different costs. So, you should find one that suits your budget, needs, and lifestyle. The condition of the duplex can impact the cost of the property. With this, you should check the condition of your potential duplex. Does it need more repairs and upgrades?

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Advantages of duplex for sale in Brooklyn Heights

Duplex for sale in Brooklyn Heights can provide you with many benefits. The following are the reasons why you should invest in a duplex.



The best thing about a duplex is that you can make it a small source of income by welcoming some tenants who can rent one unit of your property.



Unlike other property types, you can purchase a duplex at a more affordable cost. Depending on the market, you can buy it at a lower price than two single-family houses.


Vacancy risk

The vacancy of a duplex is low since tenants rarely vacate at a similar time.


Cash flow

If you invest in a duplex, you can have an excellent cash flow. Thus, a duplex can double your cash flow.



Another advantage of buying a duplex is it is easy to repair and maintain since the units are smaller and located next to each other.


Property management

Duplex can provide you with excellent property management. It is cost-efficient, so there’s no wasted travel time between the property’s tenants.

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The cost of buying a duplex for sale in Brooklyn Heights

If you plan to buy a duplex in Brooklyn Heights, you should know its cost.


Down payment

If you have a bigger down payment, you can quickly get a loan with more favorable terms.


Property taxes

You should remember that duplex has higher tax rates than single-family housing.


Mortgage payment

Some lenders see duplex loans as riskier than a single-family house. So, you need to shop for reasonable rates and terms.


Utility costs

Since the duplex is usually not separated, you should include the utility costs of the duplex as part of the rent of the tenants.


Repairs and maintenance

The repairs and maintenance of the duplex can be higher depending on the tenant type and how often every unit is turned over.


Property management

The management of a duplex is less time-consuming and simple than a single-family house.


How to buy a duplex for sale in Brooklyn Heights

Are you searching for the best duplex for sale in Brooklyn Heights? You can consider the following tips:


Real estate agent

If you want to shop for a duplex in Brooklyn Heights, working with a reliable and experienced real estate agent is beneficial. The real estate agent can provide you with a list of the best duplex properties you can choose from for your specific needs.


Be educated

Once you plan to buy a duplex, you need to be educated about your investment. You need to understand how the process works.


Get pre-approved

You can also work with a trusted realtor in New York who can refer you to a good mortgage broker. It can help you sort your financing.


Be clear about what you want

When it comes to buying a duplex for sale in Brooklyn Heights, you should be clear on what you want. Consider the location of the property. Is it located in your desired neighborhood? Does it have nearby amenities, shopping malls, and other facilities? Make sure to get a duplex that can suit your lifestyle and budget.


By considering these tips, you can purchase a duplex that you exactly want. You have an assurance that the time, effort, and budget you invest in the property are all worth it. 



To sum it up, buying a duplex can be a good investment. It is more affordable compared to other types of houses. Meanwhile, there are essential factors to consider as you shop for the best duplex in Brooklyn Heights. What are you waiting for? Get your duplex now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a duplex can be a worthy investment. Meanwhile, there are several factors you need to consider to make the best of your property investment. For example, you need to be responsible for its maintenance to offer tenants convenient living.
If you want to buy a duplex immediately, you can ask for help from a well-experienced real estate agent.

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